This is BITCLUB - BitClub Network - Zcash Pool goes live on Monday October 24th...

Starting on Sunday you will see a countdown clock at the top of this page letting you know exactly when you can begin purchasing your share(s) of our Zcash mining pool.

As we mentioned in the last update this is a HUGE opportunity for BitClub members and we are positioned perfectly to take full advantage of it. In fact, we might be the largest Zcash mining operation starting from day 1.

When Ethereum launched the market cap quickly shot up to $100 million, then over the next year it climbed up to over $1 Billion where it sits today. We believe this will continue to climb but the early miners who positioned themselves at the beginning made a fortune riding this wave.

Zcash could be MUCH BIGGER! Right now there is already huge demand for this coin and since the supply is so low the value will shoot up quickly. Many experts are predicting Zcash will outpace the growth of Ethereum on it's way to a billion dollar market cap and with many of the top bitcoin investors backing this coin there is no telling how valuable this can become!

One of our biggest regrets as a company was not jumping on Ethereum early enough. If we had launched our Ethereum pool from the very beginning we would be controlling a large supply of Ethereum tokens today, but we were too focused on expanding our Bitcoin mining operation and by the time we got into Ethereum we missed the explosive growth.

But not this time.... This is now the perfect storm because thanks to our Ethereum operation we now have the ability, the contacts, and the supply of GPU's to dominate this market and be in first. We will have around 275 GH allocated to Zcash on the day it launches with more capacity planned shortly after.

Timing is crucial here and we know this pool is going to sell out fast. Our goal is try and offer shares in the fairest way possible so all members have a chance to get in on this.

Zcash Pool Launch Details...

There will be 5,000 shares available with the first wave opening when the clock hits 0:00 above.

  • Wave 1 is by rank...
  • Builder = up to 2 Shares
  • Pro Builder = up to 3 Shares
  • Master Builder = up to 4 Shares
  • Monster Builder = up to 5 Shares

If your position is at one of these ranks you will see a BUY link where you can purchase the total amount of shares that you are allowed. Everyone in this wave will have 12 hours of exclusive access before the next wave begins.

Wave #2 will be all Founders who have not achieved the Builder rank. You will have the opportunity to purchase 1 share and you will have 6 hours to complete your purchase before the next wave opens.

You will see a buy button when its your turn!

Wave #3 is everyone else who purchased a $99 membership package. YOU DO NOT have to have a mining pool to purchase a Zcash pool. The total promotion will last 72 hours or until all 5,000 shares are sold.

Get ready because it all starts on Monday and the mining will start on Friday October 28th.

If You Want To Get Involved Join BitClub As We Are Gonna Mine Lotssss of Them! :)